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November 2018

Fountaineers will be at the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation 2018 exhibition at the Birmingham NEC on November 7th and 8th, come along and meet us, we look forward to seeing you.


Fountaineers Fountaineers Fountaineers Fountaineers

Gallery - Here are some examples of our work


Chineham Park Splash Pad

This splash pad was by designed and built by Fountaineers at Chineham Park in Basingstoke. It is divided into five interactive play zones and has four above ground play items and twenty five flush mounted play items; all of which are from the Fun Stream equipment range for Whale Splash Pads. It also features touch screen control and weather detection to help optimise running costs.

                        Chineham Park Splash Pad

                             Water Cage  Water Mushroom


Jocks Lane Splash Pad

 This splash pad was by designed and built by Fountaineers at the Jocks Lane Park in Brackenll, Berkshire. It features thirteen play items, two splash pools, three activation points and an atractive EPDM rubber play surface. The splash pad uses a freshwater system and the water is captured in a grey water tank for use in irrigation.

                           Jocks Lane Splash Pad

                          Jocks Lane Splash Pad  Jocks Lane Splash Pad


Causton Street Splash Pad

 This splash pad was installed in Causton Street in the City of Westminster by Fountaineers in 2015. It features equipment from our Dolphin Splash Pad range and has ten flush mounted play jets as well as a recycled chemically treated water system.

                         Causton Street Splash Pad 

                        Causton Street Splash Pad  Causton Street Splash Pad


Roman House Water Feature

This water feature was designed and built by Fountaineers for the prestigious Roman House development in the City of London to create the effect of a reflective pool.


Roman House Water Feature



Water Wall Installation


                                        Stainless Steel Water Wall

                                                   Stainlees Steel Welding  Stainless Steel Water Wall

Fountaineers recently installed this water wall at a prestigious address in Chelsea. The work included manufacturing a bespoke glass frame and installing on site, our engineers are trained in all welding techniques and we can manufacture items to any design.


Case Study - From Drawing board to Finished fountain


Fountaineers are specialists in designing and installing water fountains. Recently they were commissioned to design and build a fountain in Hanover Square. The first stage was to produce a 3D concept design using the latest modelling software.Once the client had approved the concept, our design team produced a series of fully dimensioned working drawings.

                         Hanover Square Fountain 3D concept  Hanover Square Fountain 2D design

Our on-site team work closely with the design team and the construction of the new feature gets under way.The bespoke floor grilles have arrived and been fitted. They help to reduce the visible water depth and provide a base for decorative cobble stones.

       Hanover Square Fountain Construction        Hanover Square fountain construction

The fountain is finished and fully commissioned and checked before our engineers leave site

                               Hanover Square Fountain      Hanover Square Fountain


Canning Town Recreation Ground Paddling Pool

     Canning Town Paddling Pool

    Canning Town Paddling Pool  Canning Town Paddling Pool  Canning Town Paddling Pool 

The three photo's shown above are of a paddling pool recently completed by Fountaineers on behalf of Newham Borough Council. This exciting feature was constructed in Canning Town Recreation Ground and features a large area of water to paddle in with the addition of a set of three user actuated foaming jets.

Splash Pad Concept Design

    Round Splash Pad Concept  Round Splash Pad Concept  Round Splash Pad Concept

This is an example of a splash pad design created by our team. This particular design showcases some of our range of flush mounting features and also some of the play surface graphics. We offer a range of play items all designed and manufactured in the UK and we are constantly reviewing and updating our stock to bring new and innovative items to the market. 


Gabo Fountain Restoration


                  Gabo Fountain before renovation  Gabo Fountain during renovation

   Gabo Fountain running (close up)  Gabo Fountain running

During 2008 Fountaineers were engaged to complete and extensive refurbishment of the Gabo Fountain. This prestigious fountain which sits within the grounds of St Thomas' Hospital in London is owned by the Tate gallery. The top two pictures in this gallery show how the fountain started; it has been boarded over and was used as a picnic area. Fountaineers removed the boarding and completely restored the fountain and installed new pipework and operating equipment. The lower two photo's show the result of the refurbishment.  The re-commissioned fountain now runs daily and makes a beautiful site with the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben as a dramatic backdrop.


Paddling Pool Concepts

   Paddling Pool Concept Design  Paddling Pool Concept Design

This is a concept design for the refurbishment of an existing paddling pool. This design incorporates foaming jets and deck jets to increase the play value of the paddling pool.