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National Exhibition Centre Birmingham

November 2018

Fountaineers will be at the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation 2018 exhibition at the Birmingham NEC on November 7th and 8th, come along and meet us, we look forward to seeing you.

Now Recruiting - Installation/Service/Commissioning Engineers

September 2017

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to work for one of the leading recreational water company's in the UK? Do you enjoy working in a dynamic team to deliver innovative products and services? If so, we would like to hear from you!

Due to our current work load, we are recruiting engineers to join our team. If you would like to learn more about the positions that we have available then please send you CV and a covering letter to careers@fountaineers.co.uk.

Fountaineers bring water play to Basingstoke

June 2016

A paddling pool in Basingstoke has received a new lease of life as a splash pad thanks to a recently completed project by Fountaineers. Working on behalf of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, this project involved converting an old paddling pool to a brand new zero depth splash pad; the project also included the provision of a new fence, picnic benches and rubber safety surface. This large project features 350m² of splash pad area and incorporates 29 play items from the Fun Stream range of equipment including the exciting Water Mushroom, two Totem Poles and a Water Cage as well as a host of other exciting flush mounted play items such as the Water Hop Scotch.The splash pad utilises a single use fresh water system and is divided into five interactive play zones to help children create their own water based adventures and explore the joys of water play for hours on end!  The splash pad is controlled from a touch screen control panel and features automatic water level control, rain and frost detection and a range of other useful features to help maximise play value whilst minimising operating costs.

                               Chineham Park Splash Pad

Fountaineers Managing Director Colin Knight is really excited with the result: “This splash pad is one of the largest we have built and we had to overcome a number of challenges during this project. I am really pleased with the finished result and I hope that the local community will enjoy using this facility for many years to come.”

 A splash pad is a great way to bring the excitement and discovery of water play to your park, garden or leisure facility. If you would like more information about how Fountaineers can help turn your ideas to reality then please contact us for more details.

Dolphins dancing in water

March 2016

Fountaineers have recently completed an interesting project on behalf of FM Conway in Southwark Park, London. A proposal had been put forward to install a dolphin sculpture in the lake with a brief to include a fountain to give the impression that the dolphins were jumping through the water spray. After carrying out a site visit and discussing the project in more detail, Fountaineers were able to offer a Kasco Marine 4400EJF with a Redwood nozzle to provide the desired effect.

Works were carried out by FM Conway to install the dolphin sculpture in the lake and Fountaineers then fitted the new fountain along with a control panel and carried out full commissioning of the fountain. Oliver Mitchell of Fountaineers said “This was a unique project and provided an opportunity to show the flexibility of a Kasco fountain. Using the fountain in this way has added to the aesthetic of both the fountain and sculpture and provides an exciting focal point for this lake.”

                           Southwark Park Fountain   Southwark Park Fountain

Fountaineers are the UK agents for Kasco Marine products and are able to offer a full range of decorative fountains, aerators, diffused aeration systems and all other products from the Kasco Marine range. If you would like more information about Kasco or any of our other products or services then please contact our sales office. 

Barbican fountain back in action

November 2015

The Barbican Estate has received further attention from Fountaineers this year as they completed the renovation of the fountain in the Beech Court Gardens. Known locally as this Rock fountain, Fountaineers carried out a fully renovation of the fountain on behalf of VolkerLaser. The pump and jet assembly was fully serviced, new lights fitted, the water supply was modified and a new control panel was designed and installed. The fountain is now back in action and running every day and is also lit at night with new LED lights.

Innovative aeration solution for City pond

October 2015

Following works to restore the Beech Court gardens in the Barbican Estate, Fountaineers were contracted to install new operating equipment in the pond located in Bryer Court. Fountaineers designed a bespoke aeration system specifically to operate in shallow water which circulates and increases oxygen levels in the water. The design and build of the equipment took place at Fountaineers workshop and the installation was carried out on site by Fountaineers engineers.

                                                    Bryer Court Pond

Technical Sales Manager Kevin Buckland said “This was a really interesting project and it required our engineers and designers to work together to come up with an innovative solution to a unique problem. The end result is a simple, reliable system that has fulfilled the original specification.”

Fountaineers visit Kasco HQ

September 2015 

Fountaineers have been working with Kasco Marine for over two years to bring an exciting range of aerators, fountains and de-icers to the UK market. In September we were invited to the annual Kasco Distributer conference at their headquarters in Prescott, Wisconsin. Oliver Mitchell of Fountaineers travelled to the USA and attended the conference which included presentations on Kasco Marine products, practical demonstrations of fountains, aerators and lights, a tour of the Kasco Marine factory and an opportunity to network with fellow professionals from around the world. Oliver said of his visit “We have been working with Kasco for a long time so it was great to visit their factory and meet all of their staff. I really enjoyed my trip to the USA and I have learnt lots about Kasco as a company and also the products that they offer. The hospitality that I received was outstanding and I would like to thank everyone at Kasco for a great trip.”

Fountaineers are able to offer the full range of Kasco Marine products available for the 50Hz/European market which includes, surface aerators, decorative fountains, diffused aeration systems and lights. All of these products are fully CE marked and compatible with UK voltage and power supplies. For further information, please see our Lake fountains section or contact us on 01634 255470 or email sales@fountaineers.co.uk.

London Park benefitting from improved aeration

August 2015

Aeration is important for lakes and ponds to help sustain aquatic life and improve water quality and Fountaineers are able to offer a number of products to achieve this. Fountaineers were recently contacted by Hackney Council to supply two new aerators for their pond in Clissold Park, London. For this project Fountaineers were able to offer two Kasco Marine 4400EVFX aerating fountains which offer a blend of efficient aeration with an exciting visual display.

                                             Clissold Park Fountain

Each fountain is 1HP and produces a “V” shaped pattern 1.7m high and 6.7m wide. Fountaineers engineers carried out a full installation and commissioning of the new fountains and the new look for the popular pond has received positive reviews from Council staff as well as regular visitors to the park.

Exciting new splash pad in popular park

July 2015

Youngsters in Berkshire will be able to enjoy splashing around this summer thanks to a new splash pad at the Jocks Lane Park in Bracknell. Fountaineers responded to a project brief from Bracknell Town Council to convert the existing paddling pool into a zero depth splash pad facility. Firstly, a series of exciting concept designs were produced using our in-house 3D design software, these concepts were refined and developed to generate the final design.

                              Jocks Lane Splash Pad

The splash pad has 13 flush mounted play items and one above ground play item which are all from the Fun Stream Whale Splash Pad range of equipment; the splash pad also features two shallow splash pools. Children can interact with the splash pad by pressing any one of three activation points which start an exciting and interactive display of water jets. The water used on the splash pad is collected in a grey water recycling tank which is then re-used for landscape and garden irrigation and watering. Fountaineers Managing Director Colin Knight was delighted with the final result: “I am so pleased with this splash pad; it presented a number of design and construction challenges, however, our engineers have worked together to produce a super facility which I think will prove popular with the local children.”

Keeping City gardens green

June 2015

Fountaineers have recently completed the installation of three new irrigation systems in the City of London. Following a redesign and refurbishment of the gardens at St Andrew Holborn Church, Fountaineers installed a six zone irrigation system to automatically water plants, trees and lawns. A similar system has also been installed at a new garden in Queen Victoria street, albeit on a smaller scale and featuring four watering zones for plants and trees. The riverside walk beneath the Millennium Bridge has also benefited from a new look and as part of the renovation works Fountaineers extended an existing irrigation system to water new plants and trees. All of these systems offer fully automated watering which is controllable and customisable at any time by the end-user. Watering times and schedules can be adjusted and bespoke programmes can be written to ensure that the gardens get water when they need it most. Colin Knight of Fountaineers said “We have installed a lot of irrigation systems around the City of London and these latest systems add to our portfolio of comprehensive and reliable installations that remain popular with our clients”.  

New system to water new gardens

May 2015

The Barbican Estate in the City of London is one of the most prominent examples of modern architecture in the capital. To complement this grade 2 listed site a number of gardens have recently been renovated and replanted and Fountaineers were contracted to provide a watering system for the new planting areas. Working on behalf of VolkerLaser, Fountaineers designed and installed a watering system that included a storage tank from which water was pumped to six stainless steel water outlets around the garden area. The water tank features automatic level control and the pump is electronically controlled to deliver the correct water flow to the watering points. Technical Sales Manager Kevin Buckland worked on managing this project, “This was an interesting project and involved close liaison between the entire project team. The end result is a comprehensive installation that will allow the watering of the Barbican Gardens for many years to come.”

A new era for Westminster paddling pool

April 2015

Causton Street Park has always been a hit with children and that popularity is set to grow following the conversion of the paddling pool to a zero depth splash pad. The existing paddling pool had becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and Fountaineers were able to offer a cost effective solution to convert the paddling pool to a splash pad. Using equipment and play items from the Fun Stream Dolphin Splash Pad range, Fountaineers were able to offer a design with ten play jets that are programmed in an interactive display sequence.

                              Causton Street Splash Pad

The operating equipment for this project featured a re-cycled water system with filtration and chemical treatment as well as an underground water storage tank. Following the commissioning of the facility a comprehensive training session was delivered by Fountaineers own engineers to fully explain the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the splash pad. Managing Director Colin Knight said “We have been working on developing our Dolphin Splash Pad for some time, so to see a successfully completed installation is a really significant achievement for Fountaineers; we look forward to designing and building lots more Dolphin Splash Pads in the future.”

Fountaineers: bringing market leading diffused aeration to the UK

January 2015

Kasco’s Robust-Aire is not a new product; rather it’s a tried and proven performer that has become the leading diffused aeration system in markets around the world. What is new however, is full CE compliance for Robust-Aire. This means Kasco’s well known and well respected product can now be sold throughout the European economic area. Adequate dissolved oxygen levels are critical to pond, lake and tank health and beauty. Proper dissolved oxygen levels enable several natural processes that optimize overall water quality and diffused aeration can be the most effective aeration method to achieve this with water of 3m or deeper. Kasco’s Robust-Aire pumps compressed air from the shore mounted compressor through air-lines to a diffuser head on the pond, lake or tank bottom. The diffuser head continuously releases micro-bubbles that rise to the surface carrying large volumes of water with it, thus inducing oxygen transfer as well as beneficial water movement and mixing. No electricity is needed in the water, providing a safe swimming area, and the distance from the compressor to the diffuser head is virtually unlimited.

                     Kasco Robust-Aire Diffuser    Kasco Robust Aire PM

Although Kasco’s Robust-Aire is new in Europe, it is not a new product. Years of research and development have been invested in the design and the system has been used in thousands of applications. A recent third party independent research study compared nine diffused aeration systems and Kasco’s Robust Aire was rated best delivering up to 44% more water flow per Litres per minute (LPM) than any other system. This makes Kasco’s system the most efficient on the market. Robust-Aire systems are also rated for continuous operation and do it with unmatched energy efficiency.

We have more information about the Robust-Aire system in the Lake Fountains section of our website and you are also able to call us on 01634 255470 or e-mail sales@fountaineers.co.uk for more information.

Looking to the future with new technology

 December 2014

Fountaineers engineers gained important new skills and knowledge as they attended a training course in the latest fountain technology hosted by Oase. Oase are one of the leading manufacturers of fountain technology and lake management products in the world and offer a number of innovative products in this field. Hosted in Oase’s Innovation centre in Hörstel, Germany, this training course was focussed on the Oase WECS system for controlling interactive water features via DMX control and featured technical presentations as well as opportunities to gets hands on with the latest fountain technology. Oliver Mitchell of Fountaineers attended the training course: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit Oase and see new products and learn about the new technology; it was great to get hands-on with the equipment and to create our own interactive displays. I look forward to putting these new skills in to practice on our future products”

Introducing exciting new products from a leading manufacturer

 September 2014

Fountaineers are delighted to announce that we are distributors for Kasco Marine, one of the leading suppliers and innovators in the manufacture of pond aerators, floating decorative fountains and de-icing equipment. Kasco have been in business and expanding their operations for over 40 years, Kasco designs and manufactures all of its products at its headquarters in Wisconsin. Kasco has exported de-icer and aeration equipment into Europe, and around the world, for over 25 years with great success. With distributors in over 30 countries worldwide, Kasco is able to provide product, support, and application expertise to our customers in an efficient and reliable fashion. The CE-marked equipment and compact packaging make for fast and easy importing and customs clearance. Kasco has a well-established reputation among engineers, architects, distributors, contractors, and property owners for high-quality products and outstanding customer support. Kasco offers products for residential, commercial, public area, resort and institutional applications.

         Kasco Fountain  Kasco Logo  Kasco Aerators 

If you are interested in further information on the Kasco Marine range of equipment, please contact Fountaineers sales team by phone on 01634 255470 or by email at sales@fountaineers.co.uk

Fountaineers hit the trail!

 21st July 2014

The Fountaineers team are well used to working in different environments and with new equipment and this was well and truly put to the test recently as Managing Director Colin Knight arranged a Segway Rally team bonding event. This was certainly a new challenge for the team, but one that they rose to magnificently!


The event was hosted in the local Shorne Woods Country Park and after a safety briefing and issue of helmets, knee and elbow pads, Fountaineers were ready to hit the trail. Following a short introduction, a series of races were run to test the skill, speed and courage of the intrepid Fountaineers. Technical Sales Manager Kevin Buckland and Service Engineer Andy Morgan came out narrow victors against the pairing of Managing Director Colin Knight and Service Engineer Oliver Mitchell. For the defeated pair there was still plenty of time to avenge the narrow defeat and having passed "Basic Training" the crew were let loose to explore a selection of gnarly woodland trails stretching in all directions.

Andy Morgan really enjoyed the experience, "I've had a great time today and really enjoyed blasting through the woods!" and Kevin Buckland was impressed with the Segway "I think that it is really great concept; they take a bit of getting used to but once you know how to handle them they are great fun." The day concluded with an action photo which shows how much Fountaineers enjoyed their Segway Rally! Speaking about the team bonding event afterwards Colin Knight said "The guys have worked really hard lately and we have got through an enormous amount of work, it was really good to take time out and take the opportunity to catch up and discuss our plans for the future but most importantly it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves so much!".


                      Segway Experience


Top Safety Accreditation for Fountaineers Limited

 30th May 2014

Fountaineers are proud to announce that once again they have been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors. Fountaineers is principally involved in the recreational water sector, specialising in the design and installation of water fountains and features. Fountaineers most recent clients have included major players such as the City of London Corporation, Westminster City Council and Hackney Council.

The company’s application for Safecontractor accreditation was driven by the need for a uniform standard across the business. Managing Director Colin Knight was keen to gain the accreditation to reflect the outstanding Health and Safety record that Fountaineers have. “We have had a formal Health and Safety system since the company started trading in 1996 and gaining accreditation from Safecontractor simply underlines our commitment to working safely”. Safecontractor accreditation will enhance the company’s ability to attract new contracts and its commitment to safety will be viewed positively by its insurers as well. Safecontractor is applicable to most sectors although it is particularly relevant to food manufacture, property, facilities management, retail and leisure sectors, all of which are big users of contracted services.

 John Kinge, technical director of Safecontractor said, "Major organisations simply cannot afford to run the risk of employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound health and safety policies in place. "More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that Fountaineers has done. The firm’s high standard has set an example which hopefully will be followed by other companies within the sector. Safecontractor plays a vital role in supporting our clients in meeting their compliance needs, whilst working with their contractors as they progress through the accreditation process.”

Under the Safecontractor scheme, businesses undergo a vetting process which examines health and safety procedures and their track record for safe practice. Those companies meeting the high standard are included on a database, which is accessible to registered users only via a website. Client-organisations who sign up to the scheme can access the database, enabling them to vet potential contractors before they even set foot on site. These clients agree that, as users of the scheme, they will engage only those who have received accreditation. Over 210 major, nation-wide businesses, from several key sectors, have signed up to use the scheme when selecting contractors for services such as building, cleaning, maintenance, refurbishment or electrical and mechanical work.

City street scene to benefit from irrigation system

16th May 2014

Fountaineers have recently completed the installation of two new automatic irrigation systems for the City of London Corporation. The systems have been installed at the newly improved Fenchurch Street Plaza and John Carpenter Street. Both of these schemes include sections of soft planting and also a selection of trees. The irrigation system features an electronic controller to allow custom programming of the system to give optimum watering of the new planting.


Historic fountain enjoys new lease of life

28th February 2014

The Merchant Taylors Hall stands in Threadneedle Street in the City of London where it has been the home to the worshipful company of Merchant Taylors since 1347. More recently, the hall has become a popular venue for weddings and corporate events where the outside courtyard can be used to host any number of events. Within the courtyard is a historic fountain and it was for this reason that DBR (London) Limited contacted Fountaineers. A full restoration of the fountain was to be undertaken which would include the provision of new operating equipment and the addition of lighting to the fountain as well. This was a project with unique challenges as the historical nature of the building and grounds had to be taken in to consideration.


Merchant Taylors Hall

Throughout the project, Fountaineers and DBR worked closely together to ensure that the historical character of the fountain was maintained whilst ensuring the complete installation of the new operating equipment. The restored fountain features a full filtration system as well as chemical and UV water treatment. At night the fountain is illuminated by the latest LED lighting. Fountaineers Managing Director Colin Knight was delighted with the finished restoration “It is always interesting to get involved in restoration projects and this project was no exception. It has been our pleasure to restore this fountain to its resplendent majesty and I hope that visitors will continue to enjoy this fountain for many years to come.”


New fountain at prestigious golf course hotel

19th February 2014

The Belfry golf course is one of the most famous in the country, so when Fountaineers were approached by the Shaylor Group to install a bespoke water feature in the hotel grand entrance they were only too pleased to help. The initial concept was to design a fountain with a contemporary feel that was constructed from stainless steel. Fountaineers design office got to work and soon had a number of artistic sketches produced, which after on-site meetings were refined in to a final design. Work then started on designing and manufacturing the chosen stainless steel tiered fountain as well as designing and specifying suitable operating equipment to give filtered and chemically treated water.

Belfry Fountain



The brief was to finish the fountain before Christmas, so our installation team worked contentiously round the clock to ensure that project was delivered on schedule. The final effect is quite impressive and has proved very popular with all who have viewed the fountain. Managing Director Colin Knight said “This has been a really good example of our company working together to produce a stunning end result. The design team and on-site engineers have worked together brilliantly to get this fountain built in a really short time-scale and I think that the fountain looks splendid."





 Fountaineers now offering Kasco Marine fountains

18th September 2013

Fountaineers are excited to announce that we are now able to offer the complete range of Kasco Marine fountains. Fountaineers have a long history of supplying quality lake fountains and the addition of the Kasco Marine products will allow them to offer an improved range of equipment. The Kasco Marine range includes display fountains, aerators, aerating fountains and lighting kits as well. These fountains are very competitively priced and offer a great range of displays to suit most lakes and ponds.

Kasco Fountain


Popular lake benefits from new aerators

25th August 2013

The Patrington Haven Leisure Park is a popular destination for its residents and regular holiday makers. Within the holiday park is a fishing lake which had an old and long since defunct fountain installation. The owners of the holiday park and the anglers were keen to install new aeration equipment in the lake to help promote the health of the large stock of fish and fortunately, Fountaineers were on hand to provide a cost effective solution in the form of two Power House Inc. F750DP aerators.

F750DP Aerators in lake

Fountaineers have been exclusive UK suppliers of Power House Inc. fountains and aerators for many years, they have installed many of these units for a range of clients and drawing on this experience they were able to offer a competitively priced package to supply and install the lake aerators at Patrington Haven. Technical Sales Manager Kevin Buckland said “The Power House aerators are a fantastic product, they combine two really important factors for our clients, namely that they are cheap to buy and very reliable to run. This coupled with the fact that they provide significant benefits in terms of aerating pond and lake water mean it’s hardly surprising that we have happy customers who have operated Power House equipment for over ten years.”

At Patrington Haven, the new aerators were installed by Fountaineers engineers and have been well received by the park owners and anglers alike. If you have a pond or lake that would benefit from aeration then contact our technical sales team for a quotation.


Vintage drinking fountains restored to former glory

3rd June 2013

Fountaineers have long been involved in supplying, installing and refurbishing drinking fountains, so when they were approached by the City of London Corporation to look into restoring several vintage drinking fountains they were only too pleased to help.  The historic fountains on Riddlesdown Common and at Spring Park had fallen into dis-repair and had not been operational for some time, the City of London were keen to restore the fountains but also wanted to maintain the history and heritage of the fountains.

Riddlesdown Common Fountain


 This project started with a visit to the London Metropolitan Archives to research the history of the fountains and identify possible suppliers for new items. Sales Manager Kevin Buckland said “The information that we found was very useful. It was very interesting looking through the old documents and helped to give us a clear focus for the project”.



Spring Park Fountain Having completed the research we were able to offer a number of options for the refurbishment of the fountains. The City of London chose their preferred option and Fountaineers began the manufacture of a number of bespoke items as well as sourcing regulation compliant valves and fittings from our trusted suppliers.  Having received, inspected and prepared all of the parts our engineers were able to carry out the installation to the highest standards and in line with current regulations. The fountains were then tested and re-commissioned and have now all been left in an operational condition for the public to enjoy the benefits of drinking water whilst on the move.  Oliver Mitchell of Fountaineers Limited said: “This was a very interesting project, there were unique challenges involved in respecting the heritage of the fountains whilst bringing them up-to-date. We have built up a lot of knowledge about historic drinking fountains over the years and we were able to apply this to provide a functional, compliant and cost effective solution”.

The drinking fountains at Riddlesdown Common, Coulsdon Common and Spring Park are owned by the City of London Corporation and are available for viewing and use in line with current common/park opening times.  

If you have a vintage drinking fountain that you would like to restore then please contact our Technical Sales Team on 01634 255470 or sales@fountaineers.co.uk to discuss your project.


Riverside walk garden enhanced

20th May 2013

A new section of garden in the City of London is set to receive the benefits of an irrigation system that has been installed by Fountaineers Limited. The new riverside gardens at Paul’s Walk have been re-developed as part of the Blackfriars rail improvement project and include an extensive lawn area as well as a number of trees and also some bedding plants.  The irrigation system was installed on behalf of the City of London Open Spaces Department and involved Fountaineers working on a Network Rail site operated by Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering.  This irrigation system uses an electronic controller to water individual zones which can be programmed to the user’s bespoke needs meaning that the garden will always look fresh and be watered without any manual intervention. Fountaineers Andrew Morgan said "This was a challenging project as it was conducted on a large site with many other contrcators present. Fortuntely, we managed to forge a good working relationship with our fellow workers and were able to move the project forward to a successful completion."


A Vintage Vista restored in Berkshire Park

25th March 2013

 South Hill Park in Bracknell, Berkshire is popular with visitors as it provides the opportunity for relaxing walks in the grounds of a former stately home with a rich history spanning over 300 years. Within these gardens is a lake that has recently benefited from the installation of a new fountain courtesy of Fountaineers. There has been a long history of a fountain in the lake, however, the existing installation had fallen into dis-repair and had not been working for many years. The Gavin Jones Group contacted Fountaineers with a brief to install a new fountain that honoured the heritage of the surrounding area and created a display as close to the original as possible. Key to this brief was restoring the iconic vista of the fountain when viewed from the main house. 

Fountaineers have access to a large range of lake fountains and after consultation with the park management team and landscape architects a suitable model was chosen giving a large plume style jet. The new fountain along with its own bespoke control panel were fitted by Fountaineers on site team before being demonstrated to the park staff. Oliver Mitchell of Fountaineers said: "This fountain has a real visual presence and looks quite spectacular from a number of different viewing angles. I hope that visitors to the park will enjoy this exciting fountain display for many years to come."


The fountain can be seen in operation daily from dawn till dusk during the normal park opening hours. http://www.southhillpark.org.uk/  


A new shape for an old fountain

24th December 2012

Hanover SquareFountaineers have maintained a water feature in Hanover Square on behalf of Westminster Council for some time, so when they were approached to re-develop the water feature they were only too pleased to help. Westminster Council was keen to make the feature safer and more prominent in its location in this popular park in Hanover Square, West London. Fountaineers solution was to move the entire water feature to a new location, to change the feature pool to a round instead of quadrant shape and install bespoke floor grilles to reduce the depth of pool. A design was  approved and construction started in November; the existing water feature sculpture was removed and put in storage and the new water feature pool was built. By December the feature was nearly complete, a final push saw the bespoke designed floor grilles fitted and decorative cobble stones added to the feature, finally the feature was completed just in time for Christmas. Technical Engineer Andrew Morgan said: “This project was really hard work, we have put in some long hours and to finish the project on schedule and in time for Christmas is the perfect end to the year”.


Water feature completed at prestigious London development

30th November 2012


Roman House

 Fountaineers were approached by Ardmore construction to design and build a water feature at the prestigious Roman House development in the City of London. The brief was to create a reflective pool in the entrance way to the development to add to the luxury feel of the apartments. The project quickly moved on with the client approving the design from the 3D model generated in our design office using the latest design software.


 Installation of the water feature started in September with Fountaineers working closely with Ardmore’s on site team to ensure that the project stayed on track. By the end of October all of the operating equipment had been installed and the water feature was tested, stone cladding was then added to the outside of the feature to match the materials used in the main building construction.

Finally, in November the final commissioning took place and the water feature came to life. Design engineer Oliver Mitchell of Fountaineers said:  “This was a uniquely challenging project; due to the speed that construction was progressing we had to come up with innovative ways to fit in with the principle contractor’s time frame. By close liaison between our design and installation team we managed to keep this project moving forward and have created a stunning water feature in the process.” Managing director Colin Knight also added “At Fountaineers there is nothing we like better than building water features and this latest addition to our portfolio shows the high quality of work that we pride ourselves on.” The team are now turning their attention to a number of new projects due to be completed by the end of 2012.


Water Wall on the move

16th September 2012

CS Water WallDel Bouno Gazerwitz contacted Fountaineers with an interesting project brief; a client had been given a water feature to install in the garden of a prestigious Chelsea address – there was only one problem: the water feature was currently installed at another London address! Technical sales Manager Kevin Buckland takes up the story “When I first visited the site I was met with a large stainless steel water feature in a well-kept by fairly small London garden; my first thought was how will we ever get this out?!”  Luckily, Technical Engineer Andrew Morgan had his thinking cap on and worked out that by stripping the water feature down to component parts it could be easily loaded on to a van and moved to its new home. With the preliminaries out of the way, the project rocketed ahead, Fountaineers on-site team worked diligently moving the water feature piece by piece and putting it back together at the new location. By the end of August all the hard work had paid off and the client was presented with a working water feature to finish off the beautifully landscaped garden.

New look for popular fountain

23rd August 2012

Fountaineers have just completed a replacement of the jets on the Windrush Square water feature. The fountain owned and operated by Lambeth Council is situated in the centre of Brixton's Windrush Square. The existing jet arrangement provided a misting jet, however, a more traditional fountain jet was required. Fountaineers technical sales team provided a new "pencil" jet which was fitted by the service team last week. Colin Knight, managing director of Fountaineers said "It is amazing how changing something as simple as the jets on the fountain completely change the look and feel of the feature; we are delighted with the new look of this fountain". If you would like to change the appearance of a water feature, then please give our sales team a call to discuss what options are available - we will be happy to help!

New contract partnership to keep London's fountains in tip top condition

11th July 2012  

Fountaineers are pleased to announce that they will be working alongside JB Riney to maintain water features and irrigation systems for the Corporation of the City of London. In a contract lasting for the next 12 months, Fountaineers will be maintaining a number of prestigious water features and fountains in the capital and will be responsible for cleaning as well as ensuring that the operating equipment is working to its maximum potential. The contract also involves maintaining irrigation systems across the city's gardens and open spaces to keep the popular areas in full bloom throughout the year. Fountaineers managing Director Colin Knight is pleased to be working for the City of London again; "We have a long association with the City of London and it gives us great pleasure to continue this relationship. We have been working closely with our new colleagues at JB Riney to ensure a smooth transition into the new contract and we look forward a continuing working relationship into the future.". Technical Sales Manager Kevin Buckland added "The fountains in the city are always popular with tourists and visitors as well as native Londoners, it's great to know that we are doing our little bit to keep London looking its best - especially at the moment with so many additional visitors."

Get your water feature ready for the Olympic Games

18th June 2012

Have you got a water feature in a prominent location? Are you a local council with a fountain that needs maintaining? Are you a private customer looking to get the most from your water feature? If so then we at Fountaineers can help! If you would like to breathe new life in to your water feature ahead of the Olympic Games then why not call our Technical Sales Team for a quotation? We would be delighted to hear from you and help make your fountain look its best for the start of the greatest show on earth!


Fountains back up and running

15th June 2012

Fountaineers were please to hear that the temporary hose-pipe ban has come to an end in the Thames Water region. Technical Sales Manager Kevin Buckland said “There is nothing worse than a fountain that is not running; we are pleased to be able to re-instate our clients water features to give the visual effect they were designed to show.” Fountaineers are responsible for maintaining a number of water features in the capital and their team of engineers are working round the clock to get all of the fountains up and running again.


Swimming Pool Refurbishment Completed On Schedule

23rd May 2012

Residents of the Lockes Wharf Complex in East London will be enjoying the benefits of a newly refurbished swimming pool this week. Fountaineers Limited completed a week long service on the pool which included replacing missing tiles, replacing the main filter pump and also renewing most of the pipe-work in the plant room. The project was completed by Fountaineers Service Engineers who worked diligently to make sure that the project was completed on time.


“Capital” Irrigation system goes live

9th May 2012

London’s Festival gardens are set to receive the benefits of a new irrigation system installed by Fountaineers Limited on behalf of the City of London.  The gardens which stand in the shadow of St Pauls Cathedral were originally opened to celebrate the festival of Britain in 1951 and they have recently been subject to a re-generation project.  

The newly planted gardens will be watered by a ten zone system using combination of drip line and sprinkler irrigation systems. The electronically controlled system can automatically water trees, lawns and bedding plants for pre assigned times. Over 300 metres of supply pipes and 500 metres of drip line were used in the project and due to the size of the control equipment a bespoke cabinet was designed to house the pump, solenoid valves and control equipment. 

Managing Director Colin Knight was pleased with the project “This was one of the larger irrigation systems we have built, our team of engineers worked incredibly hard to ensure that this project was a success and delivered to our usual high standards. We have learnt a lot from completing this job and look forward to putting this knowledge into practice for the benefit of our future clients”.


East London Paddling Pool Completed

20th March 2012

Children in East London are set for an exciting summer “splashing around” following the successful completion of a new paddling pool in Canning Town. Fountaineers acted as principle contractor for this project which saw a piece of ground adjoining a local park transformed into a colourful paddling pool. The pool features non-slip floor coverings, automatic water level control and three foaming jets to allow users a fully interactive experience. The work was completed on behalf of Newham council and has helped to provide new exciting play opportunities for the local residents.


Interactive water feature opens

18th August 2011

A new splash pad has just opened in Plaistow Park. The exciting new interactive water feature was constructed by Fountaineers on behalf of Newham Council and includes a number of different play items. A combination of above ground and flush mounted features makes for varied play opportunities for everyone. The play surface is laid in EPDM rubber and is brightly coloured with sea creature shapes within the surface to inspire the imagination of children playing in the splash pad. The interactivity of the feature is ensured as push buttons allow the users to start the different jets and play items. Control of the feature is fully automated with a PLC controlling solenoid valves, water level and pump equipment. Fountaineers Managing Director Colin Knight was pleased with the outcome of the project: “This project has given us some unique new challenges, our installation team worked hard throughout the project and we are really happy with the finished product.”


Exciting new water feature coming to Windrush Square

15th September 2009

Just commissioned is our latest completed project. Located in Windrush Sq, Brixton for Transport for London. An inground water display with misting nozzles that allows interactive play for children in water that is of swimming pool quality. Illuminated at night by DMX controlled LED lighting for a mood changing experience. All operating equipment is installed in an underground plantroom located close by.

Windrush Square, Brixton Windrush Square, Brixton