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November 2018

Fountaineers will be at the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation 2018 exhibition at the Birmingham NEC on November 7th and 8th, come along and meet us, we look forward to seeing you.


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Renovation of Victorian Drinking Fountains

There appears to be a desire by councils to supply fresh drinking water in public locations once again.

Realisation is that disused Victorian drinking fountains can give councils the perfect opportunity to both fulfil this desire and also enhance the local environment by revitalising old abandoned structures.

These drinking fountains have over a period of time been labled as unhealthy, but with modern plumbing materials and adherence to the new water regulations, these beautiful structures can once again be reused to their former glory.

Fountaineers have been fortunate to have worked on several of these restorations and have now reached a compliance level with the water boards and also with WRAS.

In our trials we have used several different types of drinking taps and have had varying degrees of success, but by using a system that includes WRAS approved drinking tap we have overcome the difficulties of working with hard water and now offer a sustainable system with low maintenance.

We offer to manufacture and install bespoke systems for your particular drinking fountain.


         Riddlesdown Common Fountain  Coulsdon Common Fountain  Spring Park Fountain