Fountaineers | Case Study

Year: 2015

Causton Street Park, Westminster, London

Causton Street Park has always been a hit with children and that popularity has grown following the conversion of the paddling pool to a zero depth splash pad. 

The existing paddling pool had become increasingly difficult to maintain and Fountaineers were able to offer a cost effective solution to convert the paddling pool to a splash pad. 

Using equipment and play items from the Fun Stream Dolphin Splash Pad range, Fountaineers were able to offer a design with ten play jets that are programmed in an interactive display sequence. The operating equipment for this project featured a recycled water system with filtration and chemical treatment as well as an underground water storage tank. 

Following the commissioning of the facility a comprehensive training session was delivered by Fountaineers own engineers to fully explain the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the splash pad. 

Managing Director Colin Knight said:

“We have been working on developing our Dolphin Splash Pad for some time, so to see a successfully completed installation is a really significant achievement for Fountaineers; we look forward to designing and building lots more Dolphin Splash Pads in the future.”

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