Fountaineers | Case Study

Year: 2012

Hanover Square, London

Westminster Council was keen to make the feature safer and more prominent in its location in this popular park in Hanover Square, West London.

Fountaineers solution was to move the entire water feature to a new location, to change the feature pool to a round instead of quadrant shape and install bespoke floor grilles to reduce the depth of pool.

A design was quickly approved and construction started in November; the existing water feature sculpture was removed and put in storage and the new water feature pool was built. By December the feature was nearly complete, a final push saw the bespoke designed floor grilles fitted and decorative cobble stones added to the feature, finally the feature was completed just in time for Christmas.

Senior Service Engineer Andrew Morgan said:

“This project was really hard work, we have put in some long hours and to finish the project on schedule and in time for Christmas is the perfect end to the year.”

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