Fountaineers | Case Study

Year: 2021

Automatic Irrigation system up and running at prestigious new development

Fountaineers have recently completed the installation of an irrigation system at the prestigious new development at 1887 The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells. Appointed by main contractors Ardmore Construction Limited, Fountaineers carried out the full design and installation of an automatic irrigation system to water the landscaping around the development. The system included the pump, reservoir tank, control valves and irrigation controller as well as drip-line to apply water to the planting in a controlled way. The irrigation equipment was installed in a plant room at basement level and Fountaineers installed ABS pipe runs through the building to the landscaped area. The planting and trees are irrigated with drip-line which dispenses water on to the soil at a set rate to help plants establish, grow and flourish.

Technical Engineer Oliver Mitchell worked extensively on the design and development of this project: “This was a challenging project with many different considerations. By working closely with the main contractor I was able agree the design and produce all the drawings required to make this project a success”.

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