Fountaineers | Case Study

Year: 2015

Multiple Locations, City of London

Fountaineers completed the installation of three new irrigation systems in the City of London. 

Following a redesign and refurbishment of the gardens at St Andrew Holborn Church, Fountaineers installed a six zone irrigation system to automatically water plants, trees and lawns. 

A similar system has also been installed at a new garden in Queen Victoria Street, albeit on a smaller scale and featuring four watering zones for plants and trees. 

The riverside walk beneath the Millennium Bridge has also benefited from a new look and as part of the renovation works Fountaineers extended an existing irrigation system to water new plants and trees. 

All of these systems offer fully automated watering which is controllable and customisable at any time by the end-user. Watering times and schedules can be adjusted and bespoke programmes can be written to ensure that the gardens get water when they need it most. 

Colin Knight of Fountaineers said:

“We have installed a lot of irrigation systems around the City of London and these latest systems add to our portfolio of comprehensive and reliable installations that remain popular with our clients.”

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