Fountaineers | Case Study

Year: 2020

New control panel for popular splash pad

Water Play is one of the main services provided by Fountaineers Limited and we were recently able to use our experience to provide a solution for Enfield Town Council via our partnership with Purdy Contracts Limited. The splash pad at Durants Park in Enfield was originally installed in 2006 and due to a number of component failures, the control panel required replacement. Fountaineers appointed Enhanced Control Systems (ECS) to build the control panel and provided them with a full specification of the required functions. We also specified the requirements for the PLC programme that would provide the full operation of the splash pad. Once built, the control panel was installed on-site and commissioned by our experienced team. We also took the opportunity to update some other operating equipment including the replacement of the liquid level probes to bring the splash pad right up-to-date. This project breathed new life into an old splash pad and it is ready to be enjoyed by local children for many more years to come.

Fountaineers Lead Engineer Andrew Morgan led the installation on-site and was pleased with the outcome: “I have been building splash pads for a long time and it’s always nice to see the successful completion of a project. I hope that the local community enjoy spending time at this splash pad in the future.”

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