Fountaineers | Case Study

Year: 2013

Riddlesdown Common & Spring Park, City of London

Fountaineers have long been involved in supplying, installing and refurbishing drinking fountains, so when they were approached by the City of London Corporation to look into restoring several vintage drinking fountains they were only too pleased to help.

The historic fountains on Riddlesdown Common and at Spring Park had fallen into disrepair and had not been operational for some time, the City of London were keen to restore the fountains but also wanted to maintain the history and heritage of the fountains.

This project started with a visit to the London Metropolitan Archives to research the history of the fountains and identify possible suppliers for new items.

Managing Director Colin Knight said:

“The information that we found was very useful. It was very interesting looking through the old documents and this helped to give us a clear focus for the project.”

Having completed the research we were able to offer a number of options for the refurbishment of the fountains. The City of London chose their preferred option and Fountaineers began the manufacture of a number of bespoke items as well as sourcing regulation compliant valves and fittings from our trusted suppliers.

Having received, inspected and prepared all of the parts our engineers were able to carry out the installation to the highest standards and in line with current regulations. The fountains were then tested and re-commissioned and have now all been left in an operational condition for the public to enjoy the benefits of drinking water whilst on the move.

Oliver Mitchell of Fountaineers said:

“This was a very interesting project, there were unique challenges involved in respecting the heritage of the fountains whilst bringing them up-to-date. We have built up a lot of knowledge about historic drinking fountains over the years and we were able to apply this to provide a functional, compliant and cost effective solution.”

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