Fountaineers | Case Study

Year: 2013

Patrington Haven Leisure Park, Hull, Yorkshire

The Patrington Haven Leisure Park is a popular destination for its residents and regular holiday makers.

Within the holiday park is a fishing lake which had an old and long since defunct fountain installation. The owners of the holiday park and the anglers were keen to install new aeration equipment in the lake to help promote the health of the large stock of fish and fortunately, Fountaineers were on hand to provide a cost effective solution in the form of two Power House Inc. F750DP aerators.

Fountaineers have been exclusive UK suppliers of Power House Inc. fountains and aerators for many years, they have installed many of these units for a range of clients and drawing on this experience they were able to offer a competitively priced package to supply and install the lake aerators at Patrington Haven.

Technical and Sales Engineer Oliver Mitchell said:

“The Power House aerators are a fantastic product, they combine two really important factors for our clients, namely that they are cheap to buy and very reliable to run. This coupled with the fact that they provide significant benefits in terms of aerating pond and lake water mean it’s hardly surprising that we have happy customers who have operated Power House equipment for over ten years.”

At Patrington Haven, the new aerators were installed by Fountaineers engineers and have been well received by the park owners and anglers alike. If you have a pond or lake that would benefit from aeration then contact our technical sales team for a quotation here.

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