Drinking Fountains

Refreshing Drinking Water

Drinking Fountains

Providing free drinking water in the public realm is becoming more important as modern society strives to eliminate single use plastic bottles. Free-to-use public drinking fountains are the perfect way to bring a fresh supply of drinking water to the UK’s streets, parks and gardens.

Fountaineers are able to provide a range of new drinking fountains and we are also able to offer the sensitive restoration and renovation of older drinking fountains as well.

When it comes to new drinking fountains, we can supply and install high quality WRAS approved units which are the ideal accompaniment to any public park or garden. One of our most popular products is a WRAS approved bottle filling drinking fountain which is perfect for people on the move to fill up their water bottles.

There are also many disused Victorian and early 20th century drinking fountains all over the UK. These old disused drinking fountains can give councils the perfect opportunity to both fulfil the desire to provide drinking water and also enhance the local environment by revitalising old abandoned structures.

These drinking fountains have fallen into disrepair over a period of time, but with modern plumbing materials and adherence to the new water regulations, these beautiful structures can once again be restored to their former glory.

Fountaineers have been fortunate to have worked on several of these restorations and we are proud to have been able to renovate these drinking fountains to current water regulations for the continued use and enjoyment of the public.

DK -Spring Park Drinking Fountain Close Up
DK - Riddlesdown Common Drinking Fountain
DK - Restored Victorian Drinking Fountain

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