Custom Water Fountains

A fountain is the perfect addition to any park or garden, since there’s nothing better than to sit back and relax listening to the peaceful sounds of running water. That’s why we offer custom water fountains, so we can help our clients achieve the exact water feature that they want! We’ll help you every step of the way, so explore our services below and discover the benefits of our bespoke water features!

Some Examples of Bespoke Water Fountains


Traditional Foutains

We offer a variety of traditional water fountain designs, including cascading fountains, wall fountains and many more.


Custom Designs

Bespoke water features and fountains are the perfect way to enjoy the perfect addition to your space.


Lake & Pond

Lake and pond fountains are the ideal solution for public spaces and large residential grounds.

Who Can Enjoy Custom Water Fountains?

We pride ourselves on offering our clients comprehensive advice for creating the perfect custom water fountains and we enjoy being directly involved from the concept stage right through to the project completion. Here’s everything we’ll help you with along the way:

We can design and create custom water fountains for large residential properties to suit any outdoor space, whether you're looking for an all inclusive entertaining space or focal point to your garden. We've worked on lots of different features and fountains for residential properties, from pond and lake features to bespoke driveway fountains.

FTN - Gabo Water Feature
FTN - Broxbourne Fountain and Pool

Bespoke Water Fountains By Numbers

Commercial Installations

We've designed, manufactured, installed and maintained over 200 bespoke features for councils, businesses and other establishments.

Residential Installations

To date, we have worked on over 80 custom features on residential grounds, from driveway installations and large garden features.


We also regularly complete water fountain maintenance for residential and commercial clients all around the UK.

LK - Golf Course Aerating Fountain

Benefits of a Custom Water Fountain

There are various ways our custom water fountains can benefit different people for different reason, so take a look at some examples of how a custom fountain could be advantageous for you:

Aesthetic Appeal

Having a custom water fountain for a commercial or residential property adds an interesting and impressive aesthetic focal point, so guests and customers alike can appreciate the beauty of an impressive bespoke water fountain. It can even attract clients that appreciate the look of a business’ surroundings.

Sensory Benefits

Our 3 Step Process

DC - Hanover Square 3D Concept

Consultation and Design

Our first consultation with you helps us to understand your design and feature requirements, from which we can produce 3D designs and mockups for you to give the go ahead!

IR - Barts Close Tree Dripline


After we've refined your design and you've given the go ahead, our professionals will use the best materials to start creating your very own personal water fountain.

FTN - Enfield Town Library


We have a dedicated team to make sure your new water fountain is installed correctly - we'll always carefully check and test the fountain before we leave you to enjoy!

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