Irrigation Systems

Mature Looking Landscapes

Irrigation Systems

Landscape irrigation systems automatically provide water to plants in a timely manner, speeding up establishment and providing mature looking landscapes more quickly. 

Landscape irrigation reduces plant losses and helps plants cope with difficult conditions, especially in hostile environments such as town centres and urban environments. 

Modern landscape irrigation systems are also designed to minimise water wastage and can be coupled with rainwater harvesting systems to maximise their green credentials. 

Fountaineers are able to design and install a range of urban and landscape irrigation systems. We work with landscape architects and city planners to discreetly incorporate irrigation into a range of garden and landscape settings.

We are able to install pop-up lawn sprinklers to keep grass looking green and fresh. These clever devices normally sit level with the lawn and when they are supplied with water they “pop-up” and provided a controlled spray of water right when and where it is needed.

Drip-line irrigation is the ideal choice for watering border plants and flower beds. Drip-line is a special type of pipe which has so called “drippers” equally spaced along its length. When water is supplied to the drip-line, measured droplets of water flow from the drippers to water the soil. This is an ideal method of getting water right to the roots of plants to help them establish and flourish.

Trees and hedges are also ideal candidates for drip-line irrigation.

IR - Festival Gardens Lawn Sprinkler
IR - Festival Gardens Lawn Sprinkler Close Up
IR - Drip Line

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