Lake, Pond Floating Fountains & Aeration

We offer a range of custom water fountains that will enhance the visual appeal of your pond or lake whilst improving the water quality as well. Engineered to run reliably and efficiently all year round we have a comprehensive range of floating fountains to suit many applications.

Some Types of Fountains We Offer


Traditional Fountains

We offer a wide range of bespoke, traditional pond or lake fountains that can be the centrepiece of any commercial or residential land.


Pond Fountains

Our pond fountains are specifically designed for smaller bodies of water, from floating fountains to sculptural features.


Lake Fountains

From floating fountains to water circulators and sub surface aeration, we have lake fountains that are perfect for large bodies of water.

Impressive & Impactful Floating Fountains

Whatever improvements you are looking to achieve in your pond or lake we are confident of having the right product to meet your needs. Be it something visually pleasing or purely practical, we’ll have the perfect solution for you!

With some of our services, we simply offer visually impactful products such as our decorative fountains or fountain lights, which will create a stunning display on your property. If you’re in need of turning your pond or lake into a place that’s the centre of attention, then this is the solution for you!

LK - Kasco Palm Nozzle Sample Image

Other Products We Offer

LK - Springfield Park Aerator

Surface Aerators

Surface Aerators are best to achieve maximum oxygen transfer into water

LK - V Shaped Aerators All Sizes

Aerating Fountains

Aerating Fountains offer the best blend of oxygen transfer combined with a pleasing display.

LK - Magnolia lake fountain

Decorative Fountains

For visually impressive displays look no further than a display fountain

LK - Kasco Circulator on Universal Mount

Water Circulators

Water Circulators are best for moving water to reduce areas of stagnant water

LK - Kasco Diffuser

Sub Surface Aeration

When water gets deep sub-surface aeration can be the most efficient option

LK - Kasco Circulator on Dock Mount


De-icers are the best choice to prevent ice formation

LK - Kasco Madrone with Lights

Fountain Lights

Add another dimensions to your fountain with high quality lighting

Our Work By Numbers

Commercial Installations

We've designed, manufactured, installed and maintained over 200 features for councils, businesses and other establishments.

Residential Installations

To date, we have worked on over 80 custom features on residential grounds, from driveway installations and large garden features.


We also regularly complete lake and pond fountain maintenance for residential and commercial clients all around the UK.

LK - Springfield Park Aerator

Benefits of Floating Fountains & Aerators

Depending on what priorities you have with your pond or lake, you can find a number of benefits when exploring our floating fountains and aerators. Here’s a few reasons why you should get a fountain or aerator from us:

Make An Impact

Whether for yourself or your guests, getting an impressive lake fountain or pond fountain can turn it into a focal point, and offers quite a spectacle for your property!

Water Quality
Buy With Confidence

Our 3 Step Process

DC - Hanover Square 3D Concept

Consultation and Design

We have a consultation with every client to get an understanding of your needs before creating 3D designs for your new lake or pond fountain.

IR - Barts Close Tree Dripline


We only use the best materials to manufacture your new fountain, using the design we created after your consultation!

FTN - Enfield Town Library


We'll deliver your lake or pond fountain by hand and install it to take the hassle away! We'll carefully check and test your fountain before leaving.

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