As winter approaches and temperatures drop, the risk of ice formation and expansion on your body of water increases. Without proper measures, ice can cause costly damage to your property and disrupt recreational activities. This is where a de-icer comes in as your best defence.

At Fountaineers, we offer a range of high-quality de-icers that are rugged and efficient, delivering powerful performance while remaining easy to use and operate. Our de-icers are designed to provide thrust and water movement that pushes warmer bottom water to the surface, effectively eliminating ice formation.

LK - Kasco Circulator on Dock Mount

With our de-icers, you can rest easy knowing that your property and recreational activities are protected throughout the winter months. We offer de-icers in a range of sizes and models to suit the unique needs of your body of water, whether it's a small pond or a large lake. Trust Fountaineers to provide you with the best de-icing solution for your property.

LK - Kasco Circulator on Dock Mount

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