Fountain Lights

Bring your water feature to life at night with our range of high-quality LED fountain lights. Our lighting kits are designed to fit directly to the fountain float and are available in a variety of colours, including white, or RGB LED’s which can display over 1,000,000 different colours.

Our RGB lighting controller provides the ability to program dynamic lighting sequences, adjust the display brightness, and includes built-in lighting scenes such as fading between colours. With our lighting kits, your fountain will become the highlight of your property, providing an ever-changing display of colours.

FTN - Aldgate Jets at night

Our RGB lighting controller allows you to choose from over 1,000,000 different lighting colours and also allows adjustment of the display brightness as well. The controller also has a number of built in lighting scenes such as fading between colours to create and ever changing lighting display. We are able to supply lights as part of a fountain package or we can provide lighting kits to retro fit on your existing fountain.

We have standard fitting kits available for fountains and we also have the capability of designing and manufacturing bespoke mountings as well. Whichever fountain you own or are looking at purchasing, we are confident of having the right lighting kits and mounting hardware to suit you.


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