Water Circulators

Our range of water circulators are the perfect solution to maintain the health and beauty of your pond or lake. By creating a directional flow, our water circulators help move and mix water, preventing stagnant water and promoting a healthier aquatic environment. In addition, they help reduce the growth of unwanted plants and limit mosquito breeding.

Our water circulators are also highly effective at increasing oxygen levels in the water, thanks to their ability to bring bottom water to the surface, where it can be exposed to the air. This increase in oxygen is essential for supporting a diverse range of aquatic life, from fish to plants and other organisms.

LK - Kasco Circulator on Universal Mount

At Fountaineers, we offer a range of water circulators to meet the unique needs of your pond or lake. Our circulators are designed to run efficiently and reliably, with low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements. With our water circulators, you can enjoy a healthier, more beautiful pond or lake year-round.

LK - Kasco Circulator on Universal Mount
LK - Kasco Circulator on Dock Mount

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