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Water Feature Maintenance

Water feature maintenance and fountain cleaning has always been at the heart of what we do and continues to be one of the most important services that we offer. We use our years of operating experience to provide sensible cost-effective solutions to keep your water features looking their best. We offer regular service contracts as well as one off visits for seasonal start-ups and deep cleaning or end-of-season shutdowns and winterising.

We offer our water feature and fountain cleaning services for all of our main business areas so whether you have a fountain, splash pad, irrigation system, drinking fountain or lake fountain we are here to provide you with first a class service.

There is nothing worse than a fountain that is not working or that has fallen into disrepair. Fountaineers are able to offer bespoke maintenance contracts with visits spaced throughout the year to ensure that your fountain is always at its best. From annual deep cleans to weekly service visits we can visit your site at an interval to suit you.

We are also able to offer regular water sampling and testing to ensure that water quality meets the correct standards and this can form part of a regular fountain maintenance routine as well.

No matter how big or small your water feature we are confident of being able to provide a competitive maintenance contract to meet your exact needs.

Keeping pool and fountain water clean and healthy is essential for the continued operation and safe enjoyment of the feature - we can supply sanitisers, water balance and cleaning chemicals as part of our water feature maintenance packages.

Everyone likes their water feature to look at its best all year round. We have a range of tools and maintenance equipment such as nets and poles and brushes and vacuum heads to help keep your fountain in tip top condition.

WP - Southwark Park Plant Room (DSP)
FTN - Aldgate Plant Room
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