Water Play & Splash Pads

Splash Pads, also known as Splash Parks bring the excitement and adventure of water play to play parks and back gardens wherever you are. Splash Pads are automatic, interactive aquatic play areas for children of all ages. They are designed to use water to spray, splash and soak people of all ages and abilities in a safe and stimulating environment.

Some Of Our Splash Pad Designs


Designed and crafted by our experienced team in England, the Penguin Splash Pad provides home owners and holiday parks with a compact high quality interactive water play park that is easy to install whilst offering value for money along with a safe and exciting aqua adventure.


Built in England and featuring simple, reliable operating equipment and low water usage, The Dolphin Splash Pad is a modular based medium sized water play area designed for self-installation in holiday parks looking for a water park that is fun, safe, reliable and easy to operate.


For larger projects and ideally suited to public parks and recreation areas, the Whale Splash Pad is a large interactive water play area designed and installed by our experienced UK based team.

Why Choose a Splash Pad?

There are multiple benefits to having a splash pad, with a focus on safe enjoyment for children in an engaging setting. Here are some of the ways that a water play area could benefit your play park or back garden:

The automatic, stimulating nature of water play pads makes for a very exciting experience for children of all ages - it’s a place for kids to explore their imagination, have adventures with friends and have a good time!

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Our Work By Numbers

Commercial Installations

We've designed, manufactured, installed and maintained over 200 bespoke features for councils, businesses and other establishments.

Residential Installations

To date, we have worked on over 80 custom features on residential grounds, from driveway installations and large garden features.


We also regularly complete splash pad maintenance for residential and commercial clients all around the UK.

WP - Green Hill Farm Splash Pad Running (DSP)

Who Can Benefit from a Splash Pad?

There are many different areas and people who could utilise a splash pad, be it commercial or private property, and we can cater to many different sizes and needs. We want to bring the joy of splash parks to as many people as possible, which is why we cater to different requirements!

Small Pads

Private home owners and small holiday parks could greatly benefit from a water play area in their property; for instance, our Penguin Splash Pad would be perfect for a smaller property or back garden and will provide hours of fun for your kids or the kids of parents that visit your business.

Medium Pads
Large Pads

Our 3 Step Process

DC - Round Splash Pad Conceopt view

Consultation and Design

Our initial consultation helps us understand your needs and requirements, incorporating any elements you'd like into our 3D designs for your custom splash pad.

DC - Paddling Pool Jets Concept


After we've refined your design and you've given the go ahead, our experts start to carefully craft your water feature using a variety of high quality, natural materials.

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Our dedicated team of experts will deliver and install your new bespoke water feature, ensuring that everything's working perfectly before leaving you to enjoy!

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