Dolphin Splash Pad

The Dolphin Splash Pad brings the excitement of water play in an attractively priced medium sized splash pad package. Available as a self-installation kit the Dolphin Splash Pad represents a great balance between value for money and play value.

• Water jets create an inspiring water display for children to enjoy
• Simple and robust operating equipment with minimal electronics
• Modular easy-to-install system, supplied in a kit form for self-installation
• Full water filtration and chemical dosing system including sand filter, UV steriliser
and erosion feeder
• Recycled water system gives very low water consumption.
• Low initial cost and minimal on-going maintenance costs
• Comes complete with its own plant room cabinet to house all the operating
• Floor mounted activation switch starts water jet display sequence.

WP - Green Hill Farm Splash Pad (DSP)
WP - Soutwark Park Splash Pad Jets (DSP)

The Dolphin Splash pad comes complete with high quality equipment and is ready for self-installation

• GRP plant room enclosure and industrial quality HDPE 2,000 litre underground water
tank with automatic water level control
• Control Panel with switches and indicator lamps, designed for ease of use
• Reliable Display Pump
• Ten in-ground water jets designed and manufactured in England
• Drain collection point
• Winter Diverter Valve Assembly
• Activation Point
• Pipe, fittings, ducting and cables
• Comprehensive Installation Drawings
• Detailed Manual and Instructions
• Technical Support from our UK based team
• 2 year Warranty

The Dolphin Splash Pad is ideally suited to Medium sized installations, and can be self-installed or built for you by our skilled team
• Ideally suited to areas between 5m x 5m (25m²) and 8m x 8m (64m²)
• Especially designed for self-installation
• Supplied complete with plant room enclosure to house all equipment.
• Install the tank and plant room and connect to the water jets.
• Water jets can be laid out in a number of different patterns.
• Finish the play area in a range of finishes such as concrete, tarmac or rubber.
• Requires a mains electrical and water connection; Range of drainage connection
options also available
• Installation by our team is also available

WP - Palm Tree Leisure Splash Pad (DSP)

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