Penguin Splash Pad

Have you ever dreamed of having your own splash pad? Well now, thanks to the Penguin Splash Pad your dreams can become reality!

• Children will love exploring the joy of water play with three inspiring interactive water display programmes
• Designed with simple installation in mind; easily fits in to small areas allowing water play to be brought to gardens and holiday parks
• Dual purpose water display - can be used as an interactive water play area or a decorative water feature
• Unobtrusive - there are no above ground items so when not in use the area can have a second use as a patio or a dry play area
• Minimal operating equipment featuring high quality components that are compliant with regulations
• Safe system that uses Extra Low Voltage equipment and there is zero depth of water on the play surface
• Low initial cost and minimal up-keep and maintenance costs; especially when compared to a swimming pool or paddling pool
• Low running costs and low water consumption; – water tank costs as little £2.00 to fill up*

*Subject to local water rates

WP - Conkers Penguin Activation Point
WP - Conkers Penguin Close up

Everything that you need to build your own Penguin Splash Pad is included in our competitively priced package.

• Industrial quality GRP insulated 1,000 litre water tank with automatic water level
• Control Panel with switches and indicator lamps, designed for ease of use
• High quality quiet running programmable pumps
• Six in-ground water jets designed and manufactured in England
• Activation Point
• Pipe and fittings
• Comprehensive Installation Drawings
• Detailed Manual and Instructions
• Technical Support from our UK based team
• 2 year Warranty

The Penguin Splash Pad is designed for straightforward installation in the most compact of spaces.

• Ideally suited to areas between 3m x 3m (9m²) and 5m x 5m (25m²)
• Especially designed for easy self-installation
• Compact Tank designed to be installed in an outdoor building such as a shed or garage
• Simply install the play items in the ground and connect the pipes between the water tank and the play items.
• Finish the play area in a range of finishes such as paving, decking, concrete, tarmac, rubber, resin or stone.
• Plugs into a standard electrical socket outlet
• Water connection with a standard hose type connector

We also have a range of optional extras to further enhance your Penguin Splash Pad

In-ground activation switch - A range of different water jets to create different effects - Additional pipe and fittings - Drain Point - Drain Pipes - Paving Pack pre-drilled to accept water jets

WP - Penguin Sinlgle Jet Running

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