Whale Splash Pad

When it comes to the Whale Splash Pad there is no limit to the design and features that can be used. Every Whale Splash Pad is individually designed with the aim of balancing play value, reliability and value for money. For large scale projects look no further than the Whale Splash Pad!

• Ideal solution for large scale projects such as public parks, sports centres and tourist
• Suitable for any size of area and ideally suited to areas of 50m² and above
• Huge range of layout options and play item combinations
• Possible to install flush mounted and above ground play items from our Fun Stream
• Each splash pad is bespoke designed and installed by our UK based team.
• Available as a single use fresh water system or a recycled system
• Recycled system features filtration system and chemical dosing system to maintain
water quality.
• Single use system can be connected to a grey water capture tank to re-use water for
secondary purpose such as landscape irrigation.
• Fully automatic operation with advanced industrial control features; touch screen
control and intuitive user interface also available

WP - Jocks Lane Splash Pad (WSP)
WP - Chineham Park Splash Pad Above Ground Play Items

Our Whale Splash Pad presents a full Turn-key project solution for any splash pad project and is fully inclusive of the best quality components and equipment.

• Bespoke designed plant room enclosure
• Industrial quality water tanks water tank with automatic water level control
• Control Panel with switches and indicator lamp and advanced functions.
• High quality pumps
• In-ground water jets and above ground play items designed and manufactured in
• Drain collection points
• Winter Diverter Valve Assembly
• Activation Points
• Pipe, fittings, ducting and cables
• Comprehensive Installation Drawings
• Detailed Manual and Instructions
• Technical Support from our UK based team
• 2 year Warranty

The Whale Splash Pad is designed for installation by our team in all types of spaces. Sit back and let our expert team take care of every step of your splash pad project

• Ideally suited to areas beyond 50m²
• Especially designed for installation by our team
• Complete turn-key project solution
• Recommended to be finished in rubber play surface.
• Requires a mains electrical and water connection.
• Range of drainage connection options available
• Installation by our team is also available

WP - Great Hollands Park Splash Pad (WSP)

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