Water Testing

Ensuring water quality & standards

Water Testing

We are also able to offer regular water sampling and testing to ensure that water quality meets the correct standards and this can form part of a regular maintenance routine as well.

The quality of the water when it is used for recreational purposes such as fountains and splash pads is of vital importance. By maintaining water to the correct standards the feature will look clean, operate efficiently and also protect the safety of anyone interacting with the water.

Fountaineers are able to offer a comprehensive range of water testing and sampling services. Our engineers are fully trained in on site testing for water chemistry such correct disinfection levels, calcium hardness and pH level. We are also backed up by our trusted laboratory partner allowing us to offer UKAS accredited testing for legionella and microbiology water tests.

The condition of lake and pond water is also of vital importance to ensure good health to marine wildlife and also to provide the best aesthetic benefits in terms of clarity and odour. Fountaineers offer a sampling service for lake water which is offered with a set of results and report to give information such as nutrient and mineral content along with a host of other useful indicators to help get your lake or pond in the best possible condition.

Whatever you are looking to achieve from your water testing and sampling, we are confident of having a service to suit your requirements.

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