At Fountaineers we are proud to offer a range of high quality recreational water products for your consideration. From floating fountains to splash pad kits and swimming pool chemicals to maintenance tools we are confident of being able to help you find the right products to meet your needs.

We are now working with our partner company Splash Pads Limited ( to make our range of products available to buy online. Please visit or click on the "Buy Now" links below to browse our range of products on our online shop.

Of course, we also offer a full installation service for all of our products. If this is of interest to you then please visit our services page or click here to contact us about your requirements.

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Beautifully Natural


Water fountains are at the heart of of business and we have a range of pumps, nozzles, filters and other accessories from industry leading manufacturers to suit a range of installations.

Enhance Visual Appeal & Water Quality

Lake and Pond Fountains

Whether you have a pond, lake or any other body of water, we have selection of aerators, fountains and floating fountains to enhance the appearance and quality of the water. We also have a range of LED lighting and other accessories to complement these products.

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Safe & Enjoyable Entertainment

Water Play

We are able to offer a range of water play equipment including our own Fun Stream play items which line up alongside our Penguin and Dolphin Splash Pad kits.

Mature Looking Landscapes


Irrigation pumps, lawn sprinklers and drip-line are just a small selection of the products that we offer to help you build an irrigation system for your garden or landscape.

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Drinking Fountains 004 (05-2013)
Refreshing Drinking Water

Drinking Fountains

Providing free drinking water in public areas is becoming more popular in lots of areas. Fountaineers have a range of complete drinking fountains as well as spouts, pipe and fittings to complete the installation.

Sparkling Clear and Clean Water Quality

Pool and Fountain Chemicals

Keeping Pool and Fountain water is essential for the continued operation and safe enjoyment of the feature. Sanitisers, water balance and cleaning chemicals as well as many more are all available in our online shop.

Chemicals Master
Tools and Mainteance Master Image
Essential Service Items

Tools and Maintenance

Everyone likes their water feature to look at its best all year round. We have a range of tools and maintenance equipment such as nets and poles and brushes and vacuum heads to help keep your fountain in tip top condition.

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