Lake Fountains & Aeration

Enhance Visual Appeal & Water Quality

Lake Fountains & Aeration

We offer a range of fountains that will enhance the visual appeal of your pond or lake whilst improving the water quality as well. Engineered to run reliably and efficiently all year round we have a comprehensive range of floating fountains to suit many applications. 

Whatever improvements you are looking to achieve in your pond or lake we are confident of having the right product to meet your needs. Fountaineers have a long history of supplying quality lake fountains and we are able to offer products from a range of leading manufacturers including Kasco Marine, Aqua Control, Oase and Power House Inc.

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Gen Kasco EJF Linden

Surface Aerators

We offer many sizes of surface fountains to fit the needs of your pond or lake. These quality units provide valuable oxygen and agitation to promote a healthy pond or lake. The units have outstanding oxygen transfer rates and also offer low overall operating costs. Each unit is fully self-contained, and floats into place in your pond or lake.

Aerating Fountains

The Aerating Fountains offer the ideal blend of aeration and beauty. By combining high flow rates with an aesthetically pleasing ‘V’ shape display, the Aerating Fountains provide the best mix of display and life-giving oxygen to your pond.

Decorative Fountains

When large, beautiful displays are desired, look no further than our range of Decorative Fountains. These fountains are ideal for adding a visually impressive centrepiece to any pond or lake. With a range of display options ranging from wide plumes to high geyser style jets we have an option to suit all tastes.

Lake Accessories

Use the tabs below to filter the lake accessories we provide.

Water Circulators

Water circulators provide valuable benefits to you in every season of the year. They are a very effective way to move and mix water by creating a directional flow in ponds and lakes. Circulating water in this way can help to eliminate stagnant water, decrease plant growth and limit mosquito breeding. Circulation also helps mix water by bring bottom water to the surface allowing for better oxygenation.

Air Diffusers

Another option to ensure that your body of water has adequate levels of life supporting oxygen is to use a diffused aeration system. Diffused aeration is an effective method of aeration for ponds with depths greater than 2.5m. By using compressed air injected directly into the bottom of the pond, a continuous flow of water is moved upward to the surface where oxygen transfer takes place. This is a very efficient method of aerating deep water as many cubic meters of water are mixed with little expended energy.


A De-icer is your best defence against costly damage to property due to ice formation and expansion. The rugged and efficient design of a De-icer delivers powerful performance with simplicity of use and operation. De-icers provide thrust and water movement to push warmer bottom water to the surface to eliminate ice formation.

Fountain Lights

At night our range of lighting kits adds another level of visual enjoyment to your Lake Fountain or aerator. We have a range of high quality LED lights available in either white or RGB (colour), allowing the provision of many different colour schemes. We also offer lighting controllers which allow dynamic lighting scenes to be programmed to offer a further range of exciting effects.

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