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Water Play

Splash Pads, also known as Splash Parks bring the excitement and adventure of water play to play parks and back gardens wherever you are.  

Splash Pads are automatic, interactive aquatic play areas for children of all ages. They are designed to use water to spray, splash and soak people of all ages and abilities in a safe and stimulating environment.

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Designed for use in unsupervised play areas, splash pads combine safety with durability whilst they are also an effective way of introducing the excitement of water play to urban areas.

They represent a cost-effective and innovative way to provide safe and enjoyable entertainment to families in the outdoor environment.

Fountaineers design, build and maintain splash pads all over the UK. We have developed our own range of Fun Stream play equipment which we have installed in many projects for commercial and private clients.

Splash Pads

Use the tabs below to filter our favourite animal themed splash pads.

Penguin Splash Pad

The newest edition to our splash pad range, the Penguin Splash Pad has been designed to bring the enjoyment of water play right into your back garden. Using the minimum of equipment to ensure a safe and reliable operation the Penguin Splash Pad is easy to install at your property.

It is supplied in kit form and comes complete with all of the pumps, spray jets and controls to allow you to build your own splash pad. Despite its size, the Penguin Splash pad is fully loaded with features such as automatic water level control, exciting water jet display programmes and our own high quality Fun Stream play items. If you have always wanted to bring water play to your doorstep look no further than the Penguin Splash Pad.

Dolphin Splash Pad

When you are looking for a compact and reliable splash pad which offers exciting play equipment and exceptional value for money, look no further than the Dolphin Splash Pad. Designed to be delivered in kit form, the Dolphin Splash Pad can be either self-installed or installed by Fountaineers.

This makes it ideal for installation in in larger domestic properties, in caravan and holiday parks or small public parks. The Dolphin Splash pad has ten flush-mounted water play jets from the Fun Stream range and these can fill an area of between 25 and 50 square metres. This is paired with all of the pumps, valves, filtration and chemical treatment equipment to give the benefits of water play in a compact area.

Whale Splash Pad

When it comes to large scale projects in public parks or leisure centres, the Whale Splash Pad ticks all the boxes. The Whale Splash Pad is our largest and most comprehensive splash pad offering and with each Whale Splash Pad designed from scratch you get exactly what you want every time.

We can offer a number of high quality options for the Whale Splash Pad including full filtration and chemical dosing systems, touch screen control panels (including remote access) and exciting and interactive display programmes.

Using a combination of flush mounted and above ground play items from our Fun Stream range allows for exciting and stimulating play environment which can be installed in any number of bespoke layouts. Covering areas up to and beyond 200 square metres the Whale Splash Pad gives amazing play value at sensible prices every time.

Fun Stream

Fun Stream… a simple statement that says so much! Children love having fun with water and a well-designed splash pad will offer hours of fun and adventure for children of all ages. With this in mind, Fountaineers have developed the Fun Stream range of water play equipment which offers a comprehensive line-up of exciting equipment to suit all areas and all budgets.

Our above ground features are both stimulating to look at but are also robust enough to withstand long term running. These striking features are brightly coloured with a range of different jets and a number of display options. Above ground features offer additional flexibility as they are fully interchangeable. Using our universal mounting system means that features are easily removable and can be taken off during winterisation and off season periods or exchanged with other products in our range.

Flush mounted features are an excellent choice for adding a different play dimension to your Whale Splash Pad. Mounting directly into the ground these features are level with the finished play surface. Offering a number of different and interactive play options, flush mounted features can really turn your Whale Splash Pad from something great to something amazing!

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