Fountaineers | Case Study

Year: 2012

Chelsea, London

Del Bouno Gazerwitz contacted Fountaineers with an interesting project brief.

A client had been given a water feature to install in the garden of a prestigious Chelsea address – there was only one problem: the water feature was currently installed at another London address!

Technical Engineer Oliver Mitchell takes up the story:

“When I first visited the site I was met with a large stainless steel water feature in a well-kept by fairly small London garden; my first thought was how will we ever get this out?!”

Luckily, Senior Service Engineer Andrew Morgan had his thinking cap on and worked out that by stripping the water feature down to component parts it could be easily loaded on to a van and moved to its new home.

With the preliminaries out of the way, the project rocketed ahead, Fountaineers on-site team worked diligently moving the water feature piece by piece and putting it back together at the new location. By the end of August all the hard work had paid off and the client was presented with a working water feature to finish off the beautifully landscaped garden.

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